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John Leahy

John Leahy

Mann Muss Immer Furzen!

– Also sprach Leahy

Welcome to the Leahy Institute, where the most cutting edge intellectual inquiries are deftly blended with excrement, both liquid and solid.

The Leahy Institute proudly presents the fruit of original minds, mostly human, and endeavors to avoid the dull and mediocre. The mission of the Leahy Institute is to step up to the challenge of fulfilling Man’s potential and breaking away from the mundane.

The Road

Follow the road to the Leahy Institute. You may find nothing more than sand, but such is life. (Photo shows the interior road on Fire Island, NY. Photo credit – John Leahy)

Header photo: Moon over Saranac Lake, NY. Photo credit – John Leahy

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