Monster of Love

Monster of Love

As I puffed my cigarette, I thought with great regret

of the one and only demon in my past.

And though entrenched in here and now, the sweat remains upon my brow,

product of that amorous nuclear blast.

The seductive rhapsody of that female TNT

ensnared me as the snake doth charm the man.

As if god’s legions were her army, she conquered and disarmed me

As only one of Satan’s gender can.

I worshipped every trace of that witch’s lovely face

And glorified the soul I thought I knew.

From front row pew I gazed aloft at her altar smooth and soft,

heaven encased in woman I did construe.

But I was shortly to discover, angelic camouflage did cover

A temperament as innocent as a blight.

So from the comforts of her arms, I flew with soundings of alarms,

Red Stage Alert and exit swift stage right.

The conclusion when I came to it indicated that I blew it,

And deep I drank the bitter cup of sorrow.

I retreated hurt and lame but eventually became

A better man prepared to face the morrow.

At times I’m still beset by my tendency to reflect,

To think of her is certainly my bane.

As memories linger on, this warning I would pass on

to other men not overly fond of pain.

She enraged and consumed me, and by the buds that bloomed me,

I’d rather sip the sumac than taste her wine.

And though envisioning pearly gates, a different hell awaits,

the lonely pilgrim that stumbles upon her shrine.

-John Leahy, Ca 1980