The Garden

The Garden

Water drops elongate and slide off

The pointed drooping tips

Of the olive green ferns

That velvet the bouncing, silver waterfall.

The water slithers and bounds

Down over the mossy stone steps.

The raucous song of bright blue parrots

Floats on the air where no mosquitoes fly.

(No goddamn flies and mosquitoes in my Garden of Eden!)

My eyes stare blindly at a broad leaf

For they look only inwards and watch

As my lips caress and kiss

The smooth muscular thigh

Which quivers at my touch.

Soft brown breasts rise and fall

Because her tender jewel is burning for me.

Or maybe she has just the touch of blue make up

Around her glowing sapphires

To make my Garden of Eden blossom radiantly.

– John E Leahy

ca 1972