Duke Thompson

Duke Thompson

Duke Thompson holds a doctorate degree in piano performance from Arizona State University (summa cum laude): he owns a blues club in Canada; he has performed with orchestras throughout North America; he used to sell beer at Baltimore Oriole games; he was the chairperson of the music department at Red Deer College in Alberta where he taught for 17 years as a tenured professor; he founded Maryland Conservatory of Music in 2001 and currently serves as President; he has played in pool tournaments in Las Vegas; and he is a decorated Rotarian (Service Above Self), where his efforts helped to bring $500,000 worth of supplies to orphans in the Ukraine.

This diversity shows up in his piano playing from Gershwin to Mozart to pop and the blues. Dr. Duke has performed in Canada, The United States, Europe, and Japan. He has been featured on National Public Radio in both Canada and The United States.

Duke has released several CDs including:

Greatly Gershwin – a Gershwin repertoire

Lots to Consider – featuring his own compositions 

Duke’s philosophy is two-fold: to share his passion for music through the piano and raise funds for worthy causes.  His concerts have benefited organizations such as public libraries, SPCAs, historical societies, KidSave, scholarship programs, service clubs, arts centers, Boys and Girls Club of America, and Habitat for Humanity.

Duke Thompson Performing

Duke Thompson is a pianist who plays many different styles of music:
The Blues
Classic Rock/Pop

Duke’s Videos

Lots to Consider

Rhapsody in Blue

Romantic Thunder

Blues Improvisation

The Who – Behind BLue Eyes

Orange Blossom Special

Cute Girl
Pictures at the House
Operatic Phantom Man
Orange Blossom Special

Bach’s Shade of Pale
A Mountain in New Hampshire
Piano Man
September 1969
Yes, it’s a roundabout way!
A Canadian’s Tunes in Rhode Island
Classic Rock Debussy
Behind Who-se Eyes
Yes Clapping
Norwegian Wonder
Dies Irae
Who said that
Dear Martha
Classical Birthday to you…
Cool Blues for June

Duke Thompson

For more information:

Contact Duke through <dukethompson.com>

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