Toxikleen, Inc                   1994

Toxikleen, Inc is a story about men with an usual job – cleaning up radioactive waste for a large faceless corporation. Some quirky characters and wacky adventures intertwine with technical expertise and a satirical look at the modern corporate world.

Amor                                   2003

Hip New Yorker meets his match when he falls in love with a passionate young woman from Spain and is forced to explore his own personal depths as he tries to penetrate and understand her elusive depths.

Gazparidizik Rises           2005

Gazparidizik Rises combines the elements of political thriller, epic action, suspense, comic satire, and metaphysical contemplation to describe the defining conflict between two societies in collision. The Empire, which has endured for so many centuries, is facing crisis from without and from within. A primitive warlike tribe sends an army across the border and invades under a charismatic and capable young prince. In the capital, a growing cynicism about the ancient gods and the power block of the priests and the ruling oligarchy threatens to shake the political stability of the realm. Couched within this scene of military adventure and metropolitan intrigue is a main theme of the book which is the conflict between intellectual inquiry and the acceptance by faith.