Beach Construction Renourishment

Beach Renourishment

Beach renourishment is a controversial method of maintaining beach formations in their current form. This method attempts to undue the results of natural erosion and redeposition patterns by taking sediment from a borrow site (usually the ocean floor off shore from the beach) and pumping it onto the beach where bulldozers will then push it to align with prescribed height profiles.

Dozers at Western reach Fire Island 01-26-2009

Carrying Pipe Sections

Prepping for pumping Fire Island 01-26-2009

Building dike below discharge Fire Island 02-06-2009

Building dike w pumped material Fire ISland 02-06-2009

Main pipeline discharge area on berm with dike Fire Island 02-06-2009

Discharge & dozers Smith Point Park Fire Island 01-15-2009

Discharge run off & sand dike Smith Point Parkk Fire Island 01-05-2009

Discharge run off Smith Point Fire Island 01-15-2009

Discharge run off and dike_2 Smith Point Fire Island 01-15-2009