The Convention of the Gods, 1986

Allegorical story in which Herman the Hero goes on a quest to kill all the gods to punish them for their crimes of creating universes that have no meaning or purpose.

Bob at the Bar, 1986

Bob hangs out at his local bar and shares sardonic wisecracks with his comic sidekicks. Bob is not shy about expressing his cynical opinions. One day a beautiful and quick witted young woman comes into the bar by chance and her retorts leave Bob uncharacteristically chastened.

The Bull Before the Game, 1987

Every Saturday morning the boys get together to play soccer in a park in New York City. The players begin arriving, some fortified by coffee to help with their crippling hangovers, and the great events of the world as well as the little events are discussed until enough players show up for the game to begin. The players come from various countries and social strata and educational experiences. As the various sized events are discussed, the players express the perspectives from their various economic, social and educational backgrounds. The bonds between them can have multiple links as the players connect sometimes as men in physical contest, sometimes on intellectual planes, and sometimes in humor. Girlfriends come and go, the players themselves come and go, but the game always goes on. It’s Saturday and it’s time to play soccer!