Writers and Artists at the Institute

One of the goals of the Leahy Institute (when we are not too busy guffawing over puerile jokes) is to feature and support creative efforts of writers and artists who reflect the values so highly esteemed at the Institute. That is to say that they make at least a minimal effort to not sound overly pompous and generally full of shit. The Institute says “Get real, baby!” and we stick to our guns. The Leahy Institute prides itself on bringing together culturally diverse talent that will reflect visions of truth as it is beheld from various perspectives.

John Leahy – Grafton, NY, USA. Novels, plays, short stories, journalism, poetry, and more

Jean Louis Auclaire – Montreal, Canada. Poet, comedian

Leahy & Auclaire – Transborder bilingual poetry project, New York and Montreal, Canada

Bishal Thapa – New Delhi, India. Short stories and blogs, specializing in pieces on modern life in India

Duke Thompson – Havre de Grace, Maryland. Pianist